There shall be a city council with all legislative powers of the the city vested therein consisting of five members who shall be electors of the city, elected by the electors of the city. The council shall be divided into five seats, and each candidate shall qualify for a specific seat on the Council by numbers 1 through 5. The council shall elect from among its members a chairman and vice-chairman. Election of the chairman and vice-chairman shall be done annually at the first regular council meeting after the city election and in non-election years at the first regular council meeting in January.

There shall be a Mayor who shall be the chief executive officer of the city. He shall be responsible to the electorate for the the administration of all city affairs placed in his charge by or under the city charter. The Mayor shall be an elector of the city and shall have resided in the city for at least 3 years prior to the date on which he qualified to run for the office of Mayor. If he shall cease to possess any such qualification during his term of office, he shall forfeit the office and the council shall remove him. He shall be elected for a four year term and may be re-elected subsequently.

Howell E. “Trip” Lancaster III, Mayor
[email protected]
Phone: (352) 275-7984

Thomas “Tommy” Darus, Seat 1, Chairman
Phone: (352) 463-2855
[email protected]

Barry Cannon, Seat 4, Vice Chairman
Phone: (352) 304-2795
[email protected]

Kayla Davis, Seat 2, Councilmember
(352) 949-8175
[email protected]

Wanda Michaud, Seat 3, Councilmember
Phone: (352) 428-2227
[email protected]

Wendy Fore, Seat 5, Councilmember
(352) 356-0630
[email protected]

Administrative Officials and Staff
Sherlene Michaelis, City Clerk – Phone:
(352) 463-2855
Debbie Watson, Utilities Department – Phone: (352) 463-2855
Wallace Taylor, Fire Chief – Phone: (352) 463-0379
Kelly Keiser, Administrative Assistant – Phone: (352) 463-2855