City Officials
City Hall: 17651 NW 90th Ct. • Fanning Springs, FL • 352-463-2855
City email:
Office Hours: Monday thru Thursday: 8 am to 5 pm (excluding holidays)
City Council meetings first Tuesday of each month at 5:00 pm
Howell E. “Trip” Lancaster, III, Mayor 8090 NW 165th St.
Fanning Springs, FL. 32693
Seat #1, Thomas “Tommy” J. Darus, III, Chair 17651 NW 90th Ct.
Fanning Springs, FL. 32693
Seat #2,Jennifer Padot-Collins, Vice-Chair 9419 Katherine Way
Fanning Springs, FL, 32693
Seat #3, Barbara Locke 17430 NW 80th Ct.
Fanning Springs, FL, 32693
Seat #4, Jane Jones-Redd 9142 Katherine Way
Fanning Springs, FL. 32693
Seat #5, John T. McDonald 9199 Emily Dr.
Fanning Springs, FL, 32693


Administrative Officials and Staff

City Clerk – Sheila Watson 352-463-2855 Ex 201
Utilities Dept – Pam Wilson 352-463-2855 Ex 202
Interim Fire – Chief Tim Porter 352-463-0379
Admin. Asst. – Debbie Watson 352-463-2855 Ex 204
Building Dept – 352-628-7904


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Building, Planning, Zoning

The City of Fanning Springs has contracted with Florida Municipal Services for Building Department services.

Planning and zoning are handled at City Hall.

For further information and forms go to Once at the website, click on the City of Fanning Springs and follow the instructions.


Ordinances for the City of Fanning Springs are maintained at City Hall. They are available for your review during normal business hours. Monday – Thursday 8 am to 5 pm (excluding holidays)

Yard Sale Permits

City of Fanning Springs
Yard Sale Permit

Ordinance 99-02 requires that anyone within the city limits must obtain
a permit at City Hall prior to the event. The Fee is $5.00. The permit is
temporary and only good for 72 hours.

  • Shall not occur more than one per month nor 12 per year.
  • Permit must be posted on site during the yard sale.
  • Penalty for not purchasing permit is a reprimand for the first offense and $25.00 for second offense and $50.00 for the third offense.
  • If any person or entity is found guilty of violating this Ordinance 99-02, they may be fined up to $500.00 as a civil infraction.
  • All merchandise and equipment used to display merchandise must be removed from the yard sale site when permit expires.

You may download this form below, complete and take to city hall to file it or you may go to city hall and they will provide the form and assist you obtaining a permit. Ordinance 99-02 is available in its entirety at city hall for your review.

Yard Sale Permit

Animal Control Information

City of Fanning Springs
Animal Control Information


Ordinance 97-01 states “All dogs must have rabies shots and tag attached. This is the responsibility of the pet owner” Ordinance 97-01 is available at city hall for your review.

The City has an Animal Services Citizen Complaint Form which is available at city hall.

For further information, contact city hall.